Friday, July 24, 2009

Food Inc. and The Future of Food (Some thoughts on an important topic)

Almost two weeks ago we went to see the movie Food Inc. Since then I wanted to write this post and finally today I am bringing my thoughts onto paper. The movie is a documentary about how food is produced and how workers are treated in this country. Though I did not find it to be structurally a great piece of work and it lacked thematically one or two things for me it conveys a message of great importance. I think that anybody should know and be aware of what the food in this country is made of, how it is produced and what hazards it conceals. After all you are what you daily feed your body. It is appalling and disgusting how the people who produce the food do not care at all about peoples health and well-being but only how much more money can fill their pockets. I recommend to anybody, who as of now is not aware of the methods of these ruthless people and the production and content of food today, to watch this movie.
You can find more information here
The message is simple. You make a choice every day of what you eat and what you buy. You are the consumer and you define the market. If you don’t want to buy vegetables and fruits which are polluted with pesticides and genetically modified-meat, poultry and dairy products treated with antibiotics, growth-hormones and contaminated with E. coli, then you have the choice not to do so and change the market in long-term.
Luckily you can buy almost anything organic today and there are Farmers markets in every city which not just sell organic but also local produce which is environmentally important. Of course organic produce is still costly and not everybody can afford it, but everybody could make some changes. If you buy seasonal vegetables for example which are cheaper or you grow your own vegetables. Also buying locally is mostly cheaper as to go to big organic markets.
Another documentary I recommend and which can be watched online is "The future of Food". Find it here
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I don’t want to dictate anything to anybody. I just think everybody should do his/her part for the world we live in and make some smarter choices. Having said that I wish everybody a nice weekend and don’t forget tomorrow will be a Farmers market in your city. :-)
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